ID Suppliers

Securely attach your ID tags, photo ID, ID badges and ID cards to your clothing or luggage with our ID supplies

Luggage loops are flexible and made of plastic. Luggage loops are an inexpensive and durable way to fasten laminated plastic luggage tags to your luggage and other carryalls.
Luggage straps and leather luggage straps provide both a quality professional appearance and a secure way to fasten id tags to your luggage, briefcases and other carryalls.
Make you ID badge easy to see. Use ID Strap Clips to easily attach ID cards and photo ID badges to your lapel, pocket or belt. has id strap clips with metal snaps available with Mylar or vinyl straps.
Use pressure sensitive badge clips to attach your ID badge holders, photo id or id tags and cards to your clothes, neck lanyard, or bags.
Slot punches work well for luggage tags, ID cards, security badges, business cards, and other laminated documents.We also have an electric slot punch which is ideal for higher volume projects.
A corner rounder can also provide a distinctive look to business cards, menus, certificates and letters. Corner rounder machines can be used to cut paper, plastic or thin metal.We also have an Electric Corner Rounder which is ideal for higher volume projects.
The lanyards are custom manufactured on premium quality fabric using a heated dye-sublimation process on both sides of the material. Printing, including background color, allows up to 6 total PMS ink colors.
Unlike conventional Neck ID holders (Lanyards, Beaded Metal Chains, Elastic Cords, Break-Aways, etc.) the innovative ID Retractor keeps your ID badge close to your body when bending or leaning, reducing the risk of accident.
Plastic retractable badge reel in a round shape. The clear vinyl strap attachment snaps into place to accommodate any slot-punched ID card.
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